Accident Recovery

Accident Recovery - Choose a safe, affordable and reliable towing service

The road is unpredictable place and an accident can happens within the blink of an eye. For your own safety, it is very important to remain calm. The first step is to take off your vehicle offside the road. If it is not possible to shift your vehicle, then get yourself off the busy road to ensure your safety first. You need an extra hand to help you move your damaged vehicle.

Our tow car operators handle your vehicle with extreme care and preciseness. This will ensure integrity of your automotive or truck and restore your peace of mind. After reaching out to you, our tow trucks carry the vehicle from the bottom by securing either the front 2 or back 2 wheels. The remaining wheels remain in touch with the road while the vehicle is being towed.

In addition, the tow trucks have the potential to tow vehicles with the help of the dolly towing technique. Through this method, an additional dolly is added as an extension to the tow car, permitting the 2 wheels that aren't creating direct contact with the tow car to be raised. Our highly skilled and technical staff are experienced enough to move your vehicle to the safe place where it can get repaired.

If you’ve been involved in an accident and need a professional towing assistance to move your vehicle, give Big League Towing Company a call at (813) 384-8840 and one of our knowledgeable Tampa Bay towing service reps will gladly help to get you the answers you need.

  • Equipment available nearby to handle any type of car or truck
  • 24 hour assistance in and around the Tampa Metro area
  • Highly reviewed and certified services are provided
  • Easy and near by access to the people of Tampa Bay Florida
  • Open during most holidays
  • We provide all kind of safe and reliable towing and roadside assistance services

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