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Close up hand technician or auto mechanic reassuring the car battery in auto repair car service center

Close up hand technician or auto mechanic reassuring the car battery in auto repair car service center

Taking care of your car battery is just as important as caring for the other parts of your vehicle. Most of the time, when you think about car battery care, the winter season comes to mind. Sure, you should take care of your car batteries most especially at this season.

However, you shouldn’t also forget about your car battery throughout the other season. Car battery care should not only be done during winter but all throughout the year. After all, you do use your car all-year-round and not only during the winter. Here’s how you can do that.

Keep An Eye On The Charge Level

Want to avoid having a dead battery that needs to be jumpstarted to work? One of the best things to do is to keep an eye on the charge level of your battery. You should make sure that you maintain the highest charging capacity. This will not only prevent you from having a dead battery but will also help keep the battery life longer.

During winter or any season when the car is parked for a long time and not used, there could be a drop in the voltage. This could discharge the battery. One way to prevent this is to use a suitable charger. Furthermore, if you tend to use the car sporadically, a car battery charger is also useful when used in intervals. It helps improve the battery’s performance while extending its life.

Regularly Check Charging Level

If you tend to use the car for short distances, there is a chance that the car battery is strained. This is because it is drained by starting the vehicle. However, the short distance isn’t enough to charge the battery completely.

During winter times when the temperature is down, the battery can also be more challenged to start the vehicle. You can check whether the battery is still fully charged by using some of the car battery chargers. Some would show you the level of charge the battery has so you can use them as needed.

If you don’t have such a battery charger, you can test the level of the charge by using the headlights. If you turn off the engine and the headlights become darker quickly, then there is a need for the battery to be charged as soon as possible. This is just a crude test. Having it checked by a professional is best done in intervals. It serves as a maintenance procedure for your car battery.

Keep Your Environment Clean

Whenever you are installing car batteries, you need to make sure that the environment is clean. This will prevent self-discharge. In the presence of moisture and dirt, especially at the terminals of your battery, leakage of current can happen.

Cleaning the terminals plus other connections is important. It prevents corrosion and minimizes resistance. This also helps improve your car battery’s charging and cold starting capabilities.

Choose Safety Over Economy

Sometimes, with your frugalness, you tend to switch off some electrical components of your vehicle. Although you can definitely do that for those that only provide comfort, you shouldn’t do that for the parts of your vehicle that add to your safety. As an example, you should keep your headlights on even at dusk. Additionally, thinking about your safety will also ensure the car’s overall safety.

Maintenance Free Car Battery

With the developments in technology, there are now batteries that come in maintenance-free technology. These batteries are made of lead and calcium terminals. These make them more resistant to heat and being overcharged.

Additionally, the batteries are also sealed, which makes it less likely for water to be loss so it isn’t actually refilled like what you would have done for traditional batteries.

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