Flatbed Tow Truck Service

Flatbed Tow Truck – Flexible Pricing Options Available Within Tampa Bay

Transporting a car or truck from point A to B is easy. Any towing company can do that. If you want your vehicle to arrive damage-free and off the road during the trip, well that requires a certain finesse and the right equipment, namely the flatbed tow truck.

Utilizing a flat bed tow truck allows us to hoist your vehicle entirely off the road, avoiding any wear or tear on the tires and axles that may occur through different towing techniques. The truck’s empty flatbed is meant to roll back which will compel the vehicle to use its power to move its way directly onto flatbed. After the vehicle has been loaded, the bed can lower back to its resting position—horizontal to ground level. The vehicle is then secured, and is prepared to be towed to its desired destination.

Additionally, the long truck beds of these class of trucks offer space for most vehicle sizes and many can handle towing 2 or more vehicles and at time —leading to the efficient and cost friendly towing approach.

The flatbed trucks at Big League Towing Company in Tampa help us offer services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. With a strong fleet including specially-built and low-profile-designed flatbed trucks, we offer the best towing services for every type of vehicle, big or small.

Here’s some reasons why Big League Towing should be on your speed-dial for this and all your roadside service needs…

  • Big League provides towing services close by Tampa Bay Florida, including Clearwater
  • We strive to deliver the most affordable services to our valuable customers
  • Whether its day or night, our drivers are always available to help you in your need
  • All types of long and short distance towing services are provided
  • Top 24 hour roadside assistance