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March 23, 2021
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Gas pump nozzles in a service station

Gas pump nozzles in a service station

We’ve all had that moment when we tried our best to stretch the last of our fuel. Some of us are just too busy to refuel while there are others who just want to push their luck and try to get to where they need to with the last bit of fuel they have. Either scenario can end badly and you could need a refuelling service.

Not doing any changes to your car or the way you drive your vehicle and thinking that you could improve your fuel economy is just wishful thinking. You need to know the techniques on how to drive your vehicle to stretch your fuel. Similarly, you could also modify your vehicle to help you save more. Here is how to do that:

Real-Time Engine Monitoring

Knowing exactly what happens to your car while driving it in real time can help you make changes to meet your goals, such as improving fuel economy. There are devices that you can plug on your car’s on-board diagnostic system. These will get data and provide it to you in real time. With real-time data, you get to notice if your driving style positively affects your fuel economy or not.

Vacuum Gauges

Another tool that could provide you with reliable fuel economy measurements is the vacuum gauge. This is similar to the gauges found in your dashboard. However, this one tells you more about fuel efficiency. By taking note of it, you could adjust and learn how to maintain a high gauge pressure to meet your goals.
Grounding Wires And Cables

These are part of the electrical system, so how does these help with fuel economy? Well, the car runs not only on fuel but on electricity. The grounding wires and cables could eventually be worn out and increase resistance.

When this happens, the electrical system works much harder to provide the demand. When that happens, the fuel system is also affected as it needs to burn more fuel to cope with the demand as well. With higher quality grounding cables, the resistance is less and the whole vehicle performs more efficiently. That includes the efficient consumption of fuel.

Cover For Pickup Truck Bed

Do you drive a pickup truck? Does it have a cover for it’s bed or do you just drive it open? Although it may not seem too much, the aerodynamics of the vehicle can be reduced when you drive with a pickup truck without the cover. This is because that empty space creates drag.

Reduced aerodynamics and drag can both impact fuel efficiency negatively. Truck bed covers or truck caps are simple yet effective modifications that let the air flow smoothly across the back of your vehicle.

Depending on your truck, you may also get the custom aerodynamic truck caps produced by the car manufacturers. These could improve the fuel efficiency for up to 20%. These custom truck caps are usually planted from the top. This design is great for reducing drag and improving aerodynamics.

Remove Excess Weight

Car modifications that could help improve your fuel economy don’t need to be drastic. It could be as simple as reducing the weight of what your car is carrying. The smaller your car is, the greater the effect of the excess weight to it’s fuel economy. Make sure not to make your car as a storage area for all your stuff. Leave the unnecessary things at home or stored somewhere else.

Aside from what you are actually carrying, you can also remove or substitute some of the car parts for lighter ones. Just be careful when doing this and make sure your car is still safe to use even with the modifications. We understand that you want to save on the cost of fuel but make sure that it doesn’t cost you your safety.

Fluid Replacement

Your car fluids can also affect the fuel economy of your vehicle. Car manufacturers may have their own suggestions about fluids that could improve your car’s fuel economy. These would include thinner oils and synthetic oils that have a more stable viscosity even with temperature changes.

Although they could cost more than the conventional ones, they last longer. That means you don’t only save on fuel cost but also on the cost of car fluid replacement.

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