Wheel Lift
Tow Truck

Wheel Lift Tow Truck - Maneuver your vehicle out of tight spots with this service option

What is it? Wheel Towing Lifting is a method in which metal brackets or yolks are used under your car’s wheel to transport the vehicle. Most include a hydraulic system to lift up the front two wheels while rest are on the ground especially in case of dead battery or flat tire when moving your vehicle is difficult or in a tight space.

How does it work? This distinctive system is controlled by the operator. It depends on hydraulic power to carry the vehicle. Once our truck has arrived on the scene, it'll be positioned close to your automobile. Then, the system can extend a cradle and clasp your vehicle at intervals. Once this is done, the driving force can use the mechanics to lock onto the vehicle’s tires.

Why is it preferred? The wheel elevated towing methodology causes less harm to the car’s bumper and frame that hook-and-tow vehicles of the past. Since the burden of the vehicle is supported exclusively by the wheels, there's very little risk of damaging the bumper, frame or plastic accessories. By towing in such method, the vehicle is safer from damage compared to ancient hook and chain towing methodology. It’s also generally less expensive than traditional flatbed tow trucks which transport the vehicle on a large flat platform behind the truck cab.

Interested in our Wheel Lift towing option? Just give the folks at Big League Towing a call directly at (813) 384-884 and one of our knowledgeable towing service professionals can schedule a pickup or answer any questions you have.

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