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February 12, 2020
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Florida Tampa skyline at sunrise in US

Florida Tampa skyline at sunrise from Hillsborough river in US

Tampa Bay is home to diverse attraction sites and historic architecture. If you know the right places to visit and the right activities to partake in, you will have a great time in this city without spending a dime of your budget. Tampa Bay’s warm and sunny weather makes it the premier destination for fun and exciting outdoor activities. You’ll find a ton of alluring indoor activities scattered across the town. Even more exciting is that most of the fun outdoor and indoor programs available at Tampa Bay are offered at zero cost to visitors.

If you are visiting Tampa Bay for a weekend getaway to spend the holidays with your family and friends, the items cherry-picked for this list will help you maximize your vacation money. They are fun, exciting, mesmeric, and even more fascinating, they are free.

1. Take a stroll through Tampa Riverwalk

Strategically positioned along Hillsborough river downtown Tampa, Tampa Riverwalk is a picturesque pedestrian trail that stretches up to 2.6 miles. The trail straddles most of downtown Tampa’s hotspots and it affords you the glorious view of the Tampa Bay History Center, the Convention Center, Curtis Hixon Park, and the Tampa Museum of Art. You can begin your walk on the trail from anywhere between Armatureworks Public Market and the newly opened Sparkman Wharf. Regardless of where you join in the walk, Tampa Riverwalk will give you plenty of time to appreciate Tampa Bay’s rich culture.

2. Unwind at Florida botanical Garden

Florida Botanical Garden is just as its name implies; a place where you’ll find all of Tampa bay’s botanical heritage and winery collection. It provides a comprehensive and extensive collection of plants and flowers and visitors can come in to explore its 182-acre of awesomeness for free. In this beautiful botanical garden, you’ll find a butterfly garden, a succulent garden, a cacti garden, a native plant garden, a tropical fruit garden, and an herb garden. On top of that, it also houses a laid-back tropical yard, where visitors can unwind and enjoy the scenic wine display.

3. Sightsee at Bayshore Boulevard

widely touted as Tampa bay’s unofficial gym where people can walk, jog, and cycle all day long, Bayshore Boulevard is one of Tampa’s best attraction sites. It provides a charming view of beautifully crafted architecture on one side and affords you an uninterrupted view of the river that runs through Hillsborough Bay. To crown it all, it is where Tampa’s late January celebration of the Gasparilla Parade happens every year.

4. Visit Tampa Firefighter Museum

Constructed in 1911, the Tampa firefighter museum is one of downtown Tampa’s most reverenced attraction sites. This historic building once served as a station for Tampa’s firefighters. Following the 1974 shutdown of the station, it was restored to recognize the valiant firefighters that served in the station. No entrance fee is required, just go in and explore.

5. Historic Heritage Village

The name gives it away already. Heritage village encompasses most of the historic businesses and architectures of Pinellas county. It covers a landmass of 21 acres and the museum is open for visitation from Wednesdays to Sundays.

6. Relax at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

This beautiful waterfront park holds a lot of appeal for tourists and visitors, and the fact that it straddles over Hillsborough river and the whole of downtown Tampa means you can explore other parts of Tampa whilst you savor in the gloriousness of the scenic Park.

7. Enjoy an air-conditioned summer day at IKEA Tampa

IKEA Tampa is an aesthetically appealing furniture store that provides free day-care for kids in a fully-equipped playroom that houses a ball pit. If you want a safe place where your kids can have fun while you explore the hotspots of the city, IKEA Tampa offers a lot of options.

Whether you’re a visitor to our fine city, or you’re a permanent resident make it a point to enjoy the free and cost-effective activities in Tampa Bay, it will give you a better idea of the soul of this bay city and it won’t cost you a penny.  Thanks for reading!


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