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Young man cleaning and preparing motorcycle for transport.

Young man cleaning and preparing motorcycle for transport.

When did you buy your motorcycle? Did you know that there was about a 37% increase in the sales of motorcycles just in the first quarter of 2021? Using a motorcycle is a great way to get around Tampa Bay. You don’t have to expose yourself to public transport plus it doesn’t take too much space or money as a car.

However, just like moving a car, you also need a reputable towing company to move your motorcycle. That is if you want it safely moved. But before you hand over your vehicle to the towing company, you first have to prepare it for the move.

Preparing your motorcycle is essential for a successful move. Here’s what you should do:

Step1: Clean The Motorcycle

Cleaning your bike is an important step before you have it towed. It will be much easier for you to inspect and see the condition of your bike when it is clean. You will clearly see any of the scratches or dents that it has. You should do this to see if your motorcycle received any damages while it was towed.

Step 2: Inspect Your Motorcycle

Thoroughly inspect your motorcycle. If there are any physical or mechanical problems, you should take note of them all. Additionally, you should also log the current mileage and check for leaks. Your motorcycle’s overall condition should be noted.

Step 3: Leave About ¼ Gas In The Tank

It is best to leave only about ¼ of gas in the gas tank. A full tank will just add to the weight. However, you should also not drain off the gas because you’d want to be able to use your motorcycle once it is delivered.

Step 4: Secure The Loose Parts

Upon your inspection, you should figure out if there are loose parts. Make sure to secure them in place or just to remove them. You don’t need motorcycle parts moving around while towing. That will just cause damage to your motorcycle during the transport. Additionally, such lose parts could also come off and get lost during the transport.

Step 5: Optimize Tire Pressure

Optimizing the tire pressure of your motorcycle should also be done. The tires carry the weight of the motorcycle and you need to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Car tires with improper pressure are more likely to get damaged or be worn out.

Step 6: Keep Personal Items

Any personal items under the seat or those that are in your saddlebags should be removed. These could get lost during the transport. Keep all your personal items and bring them on your own. The towing company won’t be responsible for any personal items lost.

When you want your motorcycle moved, the best way to do that is to have it towed by a professional. For professional motorcycle towing services in Tampa Bay, the best one to call would be Big League Towing…

Towing Service – Professional Know-How To Move Your Motorbike


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